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Plant Hire

Ground Breakers owns a fleet of delivery vehicles that can be hired including various sized trucks and tipper trucks.

Selected plant in our portfolio can also be hired including yellow plant and a mobile screen.

Subject to availability.

On-site Screening

There's something poetic about constructing a building from the very piece of earth it stands upon.

Hire a screen from Ground Breakers for ground breaking efficiency,

cost saving and ultimately profitability on

your development projects.

Demolition &
Site Clearance

We offer professional, stream lined and efficient demolition

and site-clean up services

within and around Johannesburg.

Our skilled operators ensure an effective process and an efficient timeline.

Feel free to contact us for a quote rendered to your specific needs.

River Sand (Top seller)

Course washed sand with particles sized between roughly 8mm and 1.5mm.

Suitable for screed and concrete mixes. 

Ideal for paving as it compacts to form a sturdy yet flexible base. 

Washed river sand is also used as bedding material for horse arena’s and other civil projects because of its excellent drainage properties.

Plaster Sand

A varied lighter coloured fine sand passing a 1.5mm sieve with little to no clay content.

Suitable for interior and exterior plaster applications.

Makes brick laying mortar when mixed with cement and water.

Building Sand

A fine natural sand free from organic matter and screened to remove excess clay and dust.

Suitable for mortar mixes and most commonly used in brick work. When mixed with cement and water it created bricklaying mortar.

G2,G5,G6,G7 Layer Works Material

A compactable crushed gravel containing fines from the parent rock.


G2 – Sound crushed granite rock and fines from the parent rock with a maximum nominal size of 37.5mm.

G5 – Natural gravel and boulders crushed to a maximum nominal size of 53mm. Used as a sub-base material under paving, driveways, concrete slabs, sidewalks, roads etc.

G6 – Natural material (soil, sand or gravel). Used as filling and a base coarse under roads and paving. This material may contain approved natural fines not obtained from parent rock. 

G7 – Natural material (soil, sand, gravel). Used as a sub-base for building foundations and roads. Also used as backfill aggregate.

Concrete Mix / Builders Mix 13 mm, 19mm

Blend of sand and stone aggregates required in creating a concrete mixture.

Crushed Stone 13mm, 19mm

Crushed sound granite stone in above mentioned gradings.

Dump Rock (Selected / Unselected)

Boulders crushed into various sizes between 50mm and 200mm

Used for gabion baskets and as decorative stone.

Also used in soak away drains and other drainage purposes.

Play Pen Sand

Fine sand that compacts in your hand when moist. Resembles beach sand. Building sandcastles has never been easier. A much healthier alternative to silica sand.

Pipe Bedding

Used as embedment in a trench in which pipes are laid.

Top Soil

Screened dark natural soil. Used in gardening & landscaping such as levelling lawns. 

Stock Bricks

Strong, quanlity stock bricks and maxi bricks for any construction project.




Ground Breakers was established by two entrepreneurs passionate about business through innovation within the construction and quarry industry.

"The combination of skills of JC Janse van Vuuren who comes from a plant hire and transport background and Johan Meintjes who comes from a quarrying background offers the ultimate mix of skill sets required to run Ground Breakers. Both have equipment experience, Meintjies' knowledge of materials processing and Janse van Vuuren's understanding of the value of effectively operating machines at the mine and on client's sites are key ingredients in the success and standard Ground Breakers holds itself to." - Quarrying South Africa

Ground Breakers started on a quarry in Lanseria and still continues to produce aggregates there. The company has recently acquired a mine in Nietgedacht and has grown the business from strength to strength.

The Ground Breakers Group now boasts with a large fleet of delivery vehicles and a portfolio of plant and equipment large enough to service bulk orders for clients. 



What does Ground Breakers do?

We produce and supply quality sand and stone construction aggregates as well as strong quality stock bricks for a wide range of clients - large and small.


We value long lasting, mutually beneficial business relationships that lead to long term gains and overall success for both ourselves and our clients.

We strive to become ground breakers on every level of our business while our aim remains to produce and supply quality sand and stone construction material for our clients.



What makes us unique from most other sand and stone construction aggregate providers includes two main reasons with their respective benefits:


1. We produce our sand and stone construction material at Ground Breakers.

- Being producers of our products enables us to price these products at competitive rates. 

- We are also in control of the quality of product we produce and sell to our clients.



2. Ground Breakers consist of a group of companies.

- Being part of the Ground Breakers Group has given us the flexibility and capacity to customize most products to our client’s exact specifications and requirements. 



We produce quality sand and stone construction aggregates through efficient and effective production processes including blasting, digging, loading, hauling, crushing, screening, and washing earth materials.


We strive to create streamlined delivery & supply processes which is made possible by the large delivery fleet we have within the group of companies.


Ground Breakers is here to assist you with your sand and stone construction aggregate requirements.

We have the capacity to sufficiently meet the needs of large clients with bulk orders, and the ability to offer our services to smaller clients as well.


Our friendly staff are ready to assist. Call us for further information, quotes and orders.


Ground Breakers is a leading supplier of quality building material including: G5, G6, G7, Top Soil, Building Sand, River Sand, Plaster Sand.

We also supply directly to the public.


Our company hires out the Powerscreen Warrior 800 scalping screen. Rather than sourcing expensive sand and aggregates on building sites and paying for spoils to be dumped, Ground Breakers offers the client an alternative operation whereby spoils and site rubble are turned into valuable buildling materials for reuse on site. This set-up saves the client transport and other input costs plus reflects well on the structure's sustainability as recycling of materials is more environmentally acceptable. It can even assist developers to earn valuable green credits when building environmentally friendly structures.


The company offers plant hiring services which includes trucks, yellow plant as well as site clean-up services.


The Ground Breakers Group also offers professional and reliable demolition services in and around Johannesburg.

Efficiency is key to low cost and we pride ourselves in creating the most cost effective solutions for your individual and specific needs.







For any inquiries, questions or quote requests, please call: 086 157 2757 or fill out the following form.

Your contact information will only be used to communicate with you regarding your enquiry and will not be captured on any independent databases. No marketing content will be sent to you unless your explicit consent is given.

Head Office:

43 Riverfield Road

Nietgedacht, Johannesburg

Additional site:

R512 Lindley Lanseria

Malibongwe Drive, Johannesburg

Tel: 086 157 2757

Tel: 081 322 5613

Office hours:

Monday to Friday | 07:00 - 17:00

Saturday | 07:00 - 13:00

Sundays & Public Holidays:


*We are closed on the last Saturday of every month.

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To apply for a job with Ground Breakers, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

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